Friday, July 2, 2010

Presentation at Cherokee

This year the members of our field school had the unique opportunity and privilege of presenting our research and findings to the community at Cherokee, North Carolina. Each student chose a subject of their interest related to our work at the site, and researched that topic over the course of several weeks. The subjects ranged from determining household usage of vessels from variations in form and design, interpreting soil discoloration to conclude the existence of long gone structures, to the cooperation of historical account with archaeological evidence to inform one another about the past. The material was then pulled together visually on posters like the one to the right on vessel form by Liz.

The event drew a good crowd for a Thursday afternoon and proved to be an excellent means for bringing the
research of the Yellow
House Site to
the local community. To the left, Jessica uses artifacts from our site to discuss lithic crafting methods with a visitor. In the other, Jenna goes over features found in this and previous years’ units.

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