Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 16 and 17 - On the Final Week

After much hard work, the crew are now well into their final week at the field school. In the field, students are finishing up their units. On Monday, at least four units were completely finished, with piece plotting and elevation measurements completed for the bottom of the level. In two of the units, possible post mold features were also excavated - the fill from both features will be analyzed in the lab at a later time.

Out of the field, students have been very busy putting their poster presentations together for a small poster presentation at the Qualla boundary (Eastern Band Cherokee) community center on Thursday just for us. As of this evening, Dr. Jeb Card has submitted everyone's posters to a local photocopy center, and all should be printed and ready within 24 hours. All of the posters look fantastic - the students should all be very proud of their hard work.

Today's activities were summed up nicely by Liz's post below. Hopefully for tomorrow's blog we will have a few new pics from the field to show off to everyone, as it will be the final full excavation day for students for the season (all other days in the field will be for clean-up).

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