Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 20: Rainy Days and Mondays

On Monday morning we all awoke to the sound of loud rumbling thunder instead of the seemingly usual 90 degree-plus heat. While the weather kept us from going out to the field in the morning it eventually cleared up in the afternoon enough for Dr. Sampeck to take a few students out to work on some mapping and surface collections. While in the field, this group worked in areas previously mapped and collected artifacts on the surface for cataloging. They also mapped other clusters of artifacts using the total station for future collection.

The remaining students who did not venture to the field returned to the lab after lunch to continuing working on our individual poster projects or cataloging artifacts. Having the whole morning--and for some all day--to work on our posters was a wonderful surprise. I was able to analyze the projectile point data that I have been collecting. I was also able to work on identifying what kinds of points that I have been working with. While working with the points I have been able to identify multiple point styles as well as an average data range. The others in the lab were also examining or cataloging artifacts.

a possible Madison Point

While I assume that everyone was disappointed in missing a day out on the dig it was a pretty successful day.  As a group we were all able to make significant strides on our projects and the contingency that went to the field were able to help keep pace with surface collecting and mapping the site.
I have not been able to idenitfy this point

written by Steve Scheflow

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