Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 3: Hot Topics

Cailin Meyer plots the site grid

Another day of searing heat. Another day of crawling. Another day of notable finds. Students finished the crawling survey for much of the site. Having so many people working in a relatively small area gave us checks and double-checks. Neil Cech is especially good at finding small bits of stone and shell, which made us re-evaluate and helped us confirm some of the boundaries between artifact zones.

Left: Lorelei Schak with the find of the day--a triangular projectile point. Right: Standing in an artifact-free lane.

Students put together all of the concepts and skills they had been working on earlier in the week by cataloguing ceramics. They recorded ware, surface treatment, rim diameter, percentage of rim present, and form. Several students also tried the archaeological drawing technique of stippling drawings to show contours of decorations on the sherds. It was a fine end to a productive week.

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